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Road Trip with Huell LbNA #70419

Owner:Creeping Death Contact
Plant date:Aug 6, 2016
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Kelsung
Last found: Nov 12, 2020
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Oct 27, 2022
26OCT22 - MISSING, I checked on the box in Acton where it should've been and it's missing unless someone moved it and hasn't advised me.

Huell Howser was a California icon, he passed away on January 7th 2013. I love watching his CALIFORNIA GOLD program on television, he took us to so many unique places. Since Huell traveled all over California I decided to make another box in his honor. This will be a traveling box that will go around only in California. He visited a lot of places so it won't be difficult to find a location near you. One of the places he did a story on was where this box will start at is Fosselman's Ice Cream in Alhambra open since 1919 and it's still owned by the same family. To find out where Huell went on his adventures check out or The AAA auto club just came out with a Huell Howser California Gold map, it's free for members. It does not include every single place that Huell has been to but it's still a great map.

06AUG16 Alhambra - Fosselman's Ice Cream 1919
12AUG17 San Luis Obispo - Motel Inn 1925
15AUG17 San Luis Obispo - Octagon Barn 1906
04SEP17 Morro Bay - Morro Rock 1968 historic landmark
31DEC17 Silverado - Arden Helena Modjeska House 1888
14JAN19 Amboy - Roy's Motel and Cafe 1938
02DEC19 Acton - Farm Sanctuary 1986

Clues by Dawgdok:
Farm Sanctuary (Originally Animal Acres)
5200 Escondido Canyon Rd
Acton, CA 93510
Huell and actress Shelley Morrison, who played Karen's maid on "Will & Grace," visit Animal Acres -- a facility in Acton that cares for neglected and abused farm animals.
Clue: When facing the gate, look right of the gate to a multi-sister tree, or is it a few close together trees? Either way, in the middle, under a rock is your prize.

PLEASE hide it in a location where it won't be easily found by a muggle. It doesn't have to be right where Huell was, it can be somewhere nearby. Once the box is moved to a new Huell location (hopefully a dry spot) please email me with the information so I can update the clues. If you are unable to move the box to a new Huell location, just log in and leave it where it is.