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Landstown Eagle LbNA #70305

Owner:The Ziegler Clan Contact
Plant date:Jul 20, 2016
City:Virginia Beach
County:Virginia Beach city
Location: 2001 Concert Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Found by: claudewhite
Last found: Sep 13, 2022
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Jul 20, 2016
Landstown High School opened in 2001. It is the city’s 11th High School and one Technology Academy. In 2012, it was also named a Governor’s STEM Academy.

I placed this letterbox here because two of my children graduated from Landstown.

Clue: Enter the front parking lot. Find the main gate that you enter for sporting events. You will see a ticket booth. With your back to the ticket window, you will see two pine trees along the fence. Find the one near the green electrical box. Standing on curb, face that tree. Look to your right and see those bushes. Check inside the firs bush closest to pine tree, here you will find the Landstown Eagle.

Please place back inside bush and cover good with pine straw.