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Buttons the Ham LbNA #70265

Owner:lombre Contact
Plant date:Jul 8, 2016
City:Victoria, BC
County:British Columbia, CAN
Location: Gorge Park
Found by: slartibartfast
Last found: May 28, 2017
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Jul 12, 2016
Note: this is a geocache hybrid, so there are 2 log books! Please use the black log book for letterboxing (feel free to sign both though).

Instructions for Letterboxers:

- start at the trailhead (N 48° 26.827 W 123° 23.852) - you'll know you're at the right spot if there's a yellow post with that says "5"
- walk a few steps, then turn left at the T
- continue on for approximately 38 short-person-steps, then turn right
- turn left at the Y and head towards the place where good things grow
- when you can't go any further on your current path, turn right
- you'll see a bench on your left - sit for a few minutes and take in the fresh air
- when you're ready, stand up and carry on your way
- when the fence on your right ends, you should see a small gap in the bushes - time to climb on in! (if you leave the park, you've gone too far)
- when you've entered the bushes, turn towards your resting place and take approximately 25 short-person-steps in that direction
- you'll want to end up somewhere between an arbutus and a very slanted pine - once you're there, start searching!
- stamp and sign the black log book
- use the cache stamp to mark your own log book (please be gentle, it's hand-carved)
- seal all baggies, the ink pad, and the container
- replace the container as found