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Winter Get-a-way LbNA #69867

Owner:Waneta Wench Contact
Plant date:Apr 28, 2016
Location: Feliz Paseos Park 1600 North Camino de Oeste
Found by: JoySong (2)
Last found: Mar 1, 2021
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Jan 3, 2017
My husband and I escape the winters in Upstate New York and travel out to Tucson, Arizona right after Christmas. This is our 4th winter here (now 2016). Letterboxing has helped us explore this area.
Now I will leave a little bit behind before we head back home. Enjoy the hike, the scenery and the hunt!

Driving directions to
Feliz Paseos Park
1600 North Camino de Oeste

From I-10, exit Speedway (exit 257) and travel west. Turn right on Camino de Oeste. In a short distance you will see a small brown sign for Feliz Paseos Park, turn right to enter the park.

Feliz Paseos Park features a universally accessible trail system with interpretive signs. At the parking area there is a Ramada, family restrooms and a drinking fountain. Trails are both gravel and paved and mostly level. This is a “Kid Friendly” trail system.

Clues: .7 mile round-trip

#1- New York to AZ
From the Ramada find the Trail Map on the left side of the trail. Heading off on the Charlie's Loop (paved trail) take the second gravel trail on your left. There is a Ramada Shade Seating area and a drinking fountain here. You will be on the Peter Axelson Trail. Follow this for a short distance and cross over the bridge. After crossing the bridge take a right at the “Y” and now follow the Shay Park Trail. Stay on this path and cross over a 2 slab cement walkway. Look for the Tod's Overlook which will be on your left. Head to the overlook. When you reach the loop look for the mesquite tree which is half way around the loop. Stand in front of the tree and at 330 degrees spot a large palo verde tree. What you are looking for is in the center of the tree under a rock and tree bark.

Please double bag everything and re-hide it so it can not be seen.

(Replanted 1/2/17 in a new location)
# 2 Snowbird
Return to the trail and turn left. Past the Elezabeth's Overlook and continue on until you see a pyramid of rocks and a “Y” in the trail. Turn right at the “Y” and enter the loop section of this trail. Upon reaching a 2 slab cement walkway STOP! Look straight ahead and spot a large saguaro with 5 small arms and several buds. To the left is a small saguaro about 14 steps away. Us "Snowbirds" are relaxing behind this small cactus.

Please double bag everything and re-hide it so it can not be seen.

Continue around the loop and back to the parking lot following the paths you took.

Note: Letterbox “Salted Away” is nearby.