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World Travel (E) LbNA #69832

Owner:Wisconsin Hiker Contact Supporter
Plant date:Mar 14, 2016
Found by: Wisconsin Hiker (4)
Last found: Nov 1, 2018
Hike distance:3-5 mi
Last edited:Nov 3, 2018

The World Travel series stamps are a joint effort by Wisconsin Hiker and Martini Man and were originally used at the Fall Folk Festival event in Wisconsin on 17-OCT-15. They are now replanted in Arizona as three separate groups of boxes. Please note that there is a “Passport Code” on the first page of each logbook. Collect the info from inside each logbook and then put the codes together, separated by dashes, to form an URL to get clues for an extra box.

Example: PC3- PC4- PC5- PC6- PC7- PC8-PC9.html

(Substitute the actual Passport Code found in each of the 9 boxes box for “PCx” in the URL above.)

Last found/checked: 1-NOV-18

Location: retawteewS evreserP

Hike Distance: Approximately 4 miles roundtrip (~160 ft elevation gain – almost flat!)

Terrain: Easy sandy trail with minimal elevation change.

Note: Bring lots of water along on your hike because it can get hot on the open trails. Although we never saw any, you should be alert for snakes and scorpions. Also be careful of the cactus – we can verify that they do tend to “attack” the unwary!

You’ll be journeying to four different countries in the European continent. The first is Ireland, an island in the North Atlantic. It is well known for literature, music and leprechauns. To get your passport stamp, begin at the trailhead, take the first left onto Rollercoaster and then at the next intersection stay right to continue on Rollercoaster. Next take a left onto Wildflower. Approximately .7 miles from the parking lot you should now be at another intersection. From the trail sign, take a bearing of 275° to sight a saguaro with 4 small arms. Go to it. From the saguaro, take a bearing of 170° and take 6 steps to a boulder. #3: World Travel – IRELAND (Suggested color: Green) is in front of the boulder, under a small rock.

Return to the intersection and head south on Wildflower to visit Austria. Austria is in Central Europe and is characterized by its mountain villages, baroque city architecture, Imperial history and rugged alpine terrain. Mozart, Strauss and Sigmund Freud were some famous Austrian residents. Curve left on the trail and at the next intersection sign, stay right onto Oxbow. Continue again and at the next intersection sign, stay right onto Redtail Ridge. Cross a wash, then another wash. The trail will later make a sharp turn to the right and then starts ascending as you can see the wash on your right. Stop when you reach a hairpin turn to the left (this is about 1.5 miles into your hike). Stand at the saguaro on the right side of the trail and take a bearing of 240° to spot another saguaro. This cactus is equidistant between the trail and a rock outcropping behind it. Walk ~30-40 steps to the outcropping and look in front of the outcropping (between a bush and the outcropping) to find #4: World Travel – AUSTRIA (Suggested color: Blue).

Your next stop is another country in Central Europe. The Czech Republic (or Czechia) is known for its ornate castles, native beers and long history. Prague, the capital, is known for its Old Town Square, with colorful baroque buildings, Gothic churches, the medieval Astronomical Clock, and a bridge lined with statues of 30 saints. To get there, return to the main trail and continue on to the next intersection (~2.3 miles into your journey). From here head south and stop when you come to a “Y” in the sandy trail/road. From the first bush in the center of the "Y" split,, take a bearing of 40° and walk ~35 steps to a mismatched saguaro duo. #5: World Travel – CZECH REPUBLIC (Suggested color: Orange) is behind the pair.

Your final destination is Sweden, a Scandinavian nation of thousands of coastal islands, inland lakes, forests and mountains. Its principal cities are all on the sea and Stockholm is home to royal palaces, parkland and museums. Continue your trip by returning to the main trail intersection with a sign and take the Ocotillo Hill trail. Cross a wash and continue to the next signed intersection. Take a bearing of 110° and walk 50 steps to a double saguaro. #6: World Travel – SWEDEN (Suggested color: Red) is behind it.

Return to the trail intersection and head NE on The Spine. Stay left to stay on the Spine at the next intersection. At the next decision point, take a left onto Wildflower and then a right at the next to return to the parking lot and finish your travels.

Please send a postcard (email) to let me know how you fared on your European adventure.