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The Bluebirds' Secret LbNA #69822

Owner:805BluebirdMama Contact
Plant date:Apr 4, 2016
Location: The Edge of Moorpark Highlands
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found: N/A
Hike distance:1 mi
Last edited:Apr 20, 2016

  1. Start at Mammoth Highlands Park, at 7000 Elk Run Loop in Moorpark.

  2. From the northeast corner of the park, find the trailhead that leads north behind the houses.

  3. Follow the trail along the fence and bougainvillea, with lots and lots of hills on the right.

  4. Go up the steep incline.

  5. At Ridgecrest Dr., stop and admire the view.

  6. Cross Ridgecrest Dr.

  7. Continue on the fenced trail heading up the hill. Depending on the time of year, there may be wildflowers in bloom on your right. Note: It is illegal to pick the California Poppy, our state flower, on state property!

  8. Pass the covered bench and continue up the hill.

  9. Stop at the top of the hill and admire the view again. Can you see the Channel Islands in the distance?

  10. Continue along the fenced trail, until you can joyfully take the trail connector to the Happy Camp Canyon Regional Park on your right.

  11. Make a sharp right at the T so you start to head towards the golf course.

  12. Head down the hill.

  13. Before the barbed wire fence, turn right. Follow the path towards the drainage channel.

  14. Before you cross the drainage channel, look to your left. There should be a hydrant.

  15. At the base of the hydrant, you will find the secret of the Bluebirds under some rocks! Troop 66703 thanks you for finding it!