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Arch Creek Park Letterbox Trail LbNA #69582

Owner:Rivera Family Contact
Plant date:Jan 31, 2016
Location: Arch Creek Park
Found by: DM Scuba Brat
Last found: Mar 20, 2016
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Jan 31, 2016
*From the parking lot, find the American Flag
*Across from the American Flag, find the four part sign:
-Community Center
-West Shelter
-Tot Lot
*While facing the sign, take the path to the right
*Head into the large gazebo
*Exit gazebo to right
*Cross the bridge
*At fork just past “amphitheater”, go right
*Take 40 steps from the fork
*On the right, you will see a signpost in the forest
*The sign reads, “Black Calabash”
*Walk to the sign
*While facing the sign, look to 10 o’clock
*LETTERBOX 1 is hidden in the roots behind the first tree at 10 o’clock
*Go back to the trail and continue on in the same direction
*Look for the first chain link gate on the right
*LETTERBOX 2 is hidden behind the right gate support pole
*Continue on the train in the same direction
*Look for the next chain link gate on the right (it leads to an apartment complex)
*Walk to the gate
*Face away from the gate
*Walk about 40 steps and look for the sign post with no sign
*LETTERBOX 3 is in the hollow tree next to the sign post