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SoCal Gnome Cousins: Gnome-land Security: Reinhold LbNA #69474

Owner:CherryOnTop Contact
Plant date:Dec 5, 2015
Location: Seal Beach Blvd &; Heron Pointe
City:Seal Beach
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:May 17, 2019
Last edited:Jul 10, 2016
Reinhold the Robo-gnome 2.0 is proud to be a part of Gnomeland Security. He is stationed in Seal Beach near the Naval Weapons Station & Joint Forces Training Center in Los Alamitos. His cousin Robo-gnome 1.0 has been retired since 2012. This new and improved Robo-gnome is his replacement.

Find the Heron Pointe Housing Community and park in the small parking lot to the left before their entrance gates. From that parking lot you are at the entrance to the Hellman Ranch Trail.

Follow the trail around and continue right down around the housing tract on your right. Down a small set of stairs, past boulders with plaques on them (there are 10 total) to a circle pit area. Find the sign that reads on the back side “Wildlife & Habitat”. Face the chain link fence and take 5 steps into the bush area. Turn right (North) and walk about 20 steps (between small bushes and then into a clearing) to a skinny, tall, dead tree. About a foot off the ground, hidden behind dead branches, wedged into a V in the tree trunk, weighted under a concrete chunk is where you’ll find Robo-gnome 2.0

On the other side of the bush wall on your left is the trail, so please be silent and maybe walk back to the circle pit area for stamping.
Please wedge the box back into the V and replace it's camouflage.