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Maligne Moose LbNA #68653

Owner:Silver Eagle Contact Supporter
Plant date:Jun 11, 2015
County:Alberta, CAN
Location: Maligne Lake
Found by: CarrieOnThePrairie
Last found: Sep 13, 2016
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 11, 2015
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (slight slope, 2.5 km RT)
Recommended Ink: blue & brown
Status: alive

Maligne Lake is a beautiful destination, but if you want to get away from the crowds you can look for this letterbox on the Moose Lake Loop Trail and possibly see the real thing.

From Jasper go north on the Trans Canada Hwy 1 to Maligne Lake Road and turn right. Go all the way to the end at Maligne Lake, cross bridge and turn left into parking lot #3.

Walk back on road you turned left on to trail sign at intersection with Maligne Lake Road and go up Bald Hills fire road behind sign about 200 meters to Moose Lake Loop trail on left. Go on trail to jct where you go left to the lake. Continue around left side of lake and up a bluff with a log across the trail at jct. Stay right to where trail starts to descend then go left on path 6 steps to 3 pine trees in a clump on right with a log laying on their left side. LB is under log under a rock and needles. For normal way around loop, go back a few steps to jct at top of bluff and go right. For a more adventurous way back (and the way I went by mistake) continue on trail that descends along the lake.