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Cemetery Sirens LbNA #68637

Plant date:Jun 14, 2015
Location: North Ave
Planted by:lizwilldoit
Found by: Azroadie
Last found:May 14, 2016
Last edited:Oct 6, 2015
Start at the Old Jerome High School. Exit the driveway and turn right. Drive about 2/10ths of a mile and very carefully turn onto North Drive.
Continue to drive forward until you come to a parking area. The cemetery is just beyond the gate.

Jerome Cemetery Once reaching the cemetery look for the picnic tables and chairs because that is where your adventure begins. From this point take approx. 90 leisurely steps along the main path, this should place you at the head stone behind some bars which read “P – B” on your left.

Continue from here down this main path until you reach the headstone of “Jas. J. Griffin” who was a soldier in the Spanish American War. Make a left turn up a small rise, to assure that you are on the correct path, look for a barred area with the headstone of “Peter Pergola”

Continue in the same direction several steps about 10. You know you are in the correct area when you stand looking back to the entrance of the cemetery and you can see a red post a barred tomb and the Clarkdale processing plant, one your left will be a grand view of the Grand Hotel and a tad behind you is the letter “J” on the mountain.

To your left on the ground you should see a pile of carefully placed stones, a red stone with a light green triangular shaped one on top. Under these stones is our letterbox.