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Windey Canyon LbNA #68558

Owner:Hooters Contact Inactive
Plant date:May 31, 2015
City:Palos Verdes Estates
County:Los Angeles
Found by: I dig toasters
Last found:Jan 24, 2016
Last edited:May 31, 2015
Your Quest starts at a stick swinging club on a road that implies Camping. : Via _____

Park in the parking lot for the club but as close to the ocean as you can. (far west) . Leave the parking just at the Yellow Brick Road and head west on the Camp road. Stay on the right side of the road. Go passed 4 yellow pipes. Cross the street right before the stone pillars. Go down the to the creek bed to the left of the white fence, under the trees you go.

Stay on the trail to the right of the creek. Follow the trail between two old half buried railroad ties pointing to the sky. Travel a ways along the hillside. Cross a rock stream creek bed coming down the hill. More hillside travel. Summer will bring you the smell of licorice and sounds of hawks and crows spiraling above you. More hillside travel passing a large flat stone above the path. Just after the second, smaller flat rock to the right beware the poison oak to the left under the tree. Pass the large rock slide below the path. Trail heads down now into the creek bed. Find the huge tree growing out of the middle of the creek, often showing the remnants of years of boyhood attempts at tree forts. This is the perfect place for a picnic lunch. You will find your letter box just across the creek bed on the hillside just above an old water log under a flat rock.