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Troop 2595 LbNA #68406

Plant date:May 7, 2015
Planted by:GS Brownies Troop 2595
Found by: Kittyish
Last found:Oct 15, 2016
Last edited:May 7, 2015
From I17, drive east on Daisy Mountain Drive. Turn left on Gavilan Peak Parkway, and take a left into Anthem Prep/Cross of Christ. It is north of Jack and the Box, CVS and the bank.

Park on the north side of the parking lot, and walk through a drainage walkway north of the playground. Continue over the hump, and look for a large tree on your left. Under the tree is a pile of rocks, and under the rocks is our letterbox. Mission Accomplished!

We've enjoyed learning about Letterboxing, and hope you enjoyed the hunt. Go Girl Scouts!