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LTA LbNA #6837

Owner:The Weathergleams Contact
Plant date:Jan 1, 2004
City:Mountain View
County:Santa Clara
Found by: Choi
Last found: Apr 29, 2008
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 23, 2015
She was 785' long and weighed 242,356 pounds empty. Filled, however, she was lighter than air. She was a technological masterpiece, but she represented the end of an era, and on 12 February, 1935, she was lost at sea, with two of her crew of 83 men. Since then, her old home has sheltered the technological wonders of the Space Age, which have seen their share of tragedy as well; for the cutting edge of innovation is always dangerous, and will always be honed with the sacrifices of those who dare.

To remember this lovely lady, take San Antonio Road to the Shoreline and park in the lot. Walk to the end and onto the trail, bearing left at the signpost. Follow the yellow dots and arc around to the right, up into the trees. Follow this path, take the right fork, and cross three paved paths. When the great Hangar No. 1 appears before you, you are close to your objective. On your right, there will be a wooden post. Go up to it. If it's the right one, there's a bald spot. Standing in it, head 140 degrees to a thicket. When no one is looking, go in. Check out the base of the second tree on the left. Please rehide the box carefully, using pine needles for cover.

Clue Updated as of 4/29/08 -- She's still there, folks!