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First aid neededAstral Vortex of Cosmic Significance LbNA #68300

Owner:Half Empty Contact
Plant date:Mar 16, 2015
Location: Soldier Pass/Mesa Trail
Found by: Potted Frog
Last found: May 30, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Oct 19, 2015
Astral Vortex of Cosmic Significance

Drive to Sedona. Let the subtle energy emanating from the red rocks resonate throughout your Inner Being and guide you to this very special letterbox.

What? That didn't work for you? You probably walked all over those vortexes too without feeling anything but the money draining out of your wallet, didn't you? Ok then, we'll do this the hard way.

To find your own little special letterbox vortex, drive your enlightened self to the Soldier Pass/Brin Mesa trail located off Rim Shadows Drive. You can hike up the tradition trail or walk up the Jeep road. Either will eventually bring you to the Seven Sacred Pools. Don't walk by them like we did! Admire them for awhile, avoiding all those giant groups of hikers sporting $1000 worth of walking sticks and the jeeps disgorging passengers, and then make another decision. You can follow the "real" trail, marked here as Soldier Pass Brin Mesa on the sign, or you can bear left and continue up the jeep road past the sign marked "Seven Pools, 4 x 4 road ends .25 ML."

However you get there, your goal is to find the roundabout that the jeeps use at the end of their road. It's like a jeep vortex they all circle in order to become more spiritually sensitive jeeps! If you take the jeep road, it will be obvious. If you take the real trail, you'll have to detour a little south to see the jeep turn around, but you will be able to see it where several signs indicate the trail, trailheads, and wilderness area. This turn-around is 1.2 miles from the parking lot and 1/4 miles from the Seven Sacred Pools.

Still bent on finding inner peace? Standing at the northern edge of the scrub in the center of the jeep roundabout, look 280 degrees to see a large dead tree up a slight rise on your left. 17 steps should take you to it. Now take 21 more steps moving south up the rocky hill. Here you should find, on your left, a dead tree leaning against a live one. Under the base of the dead one, under some rocks lies AN EXTREMELY POWERFUL ASTRAL VORTEX OF COSMIC SIGNIFICANCE!

Just kidding. It's only a letterbox.

Please rehide as found, send me an update as I practice my yoga elsewhere, and don't get run over by one of those jeeps!