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Sequential Time LbNA #68195

Owner:MrOspital Contact Supporter
Plant date:Mar 14, 2015
County:Los Angeles
Location: Murphy Ranch Park
Found by: Kelsung (2)
Last found: Apr 8, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Mar 14, 2015
This stamp was used at Salute a Soldier on November 11, 2011. Park and head out straight on the wide dirt trail that follows the shallow ravine. Continue on until you pass under 2 large trees that arch over the trail from the left side. Then look right for a "V"ertex tree. Search behind it, buried under leaves.
This stamp was used at Calico Christmas on December 13, 2014. Continue one the trail past a large resting boulder on the right, and then a couple fallen trees on right. Be on the lookout for a green cylinder chained to a tree. Across from it a tree has fallen and leads vertically uphill to another tree. Follow the trunk up to the still standing tree and look behind it buried under leaves and bark.
This stamp was used at Here's to being irrational! on March 14, 2015. Continue uphill on the trail passing through a couple quick switchbacks and a buried rectangular prism. Look for 2 sets of sandbags on the right and between them on the left a large fallen log in between 2 bushes. Look under the leaves where the smaller trunk meets the larger.