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Some Bunny to Love LbNA #68143

Owner:Nature Hikers Contact
Plant date:Nov 15, 2014
County:Santa Clara
Found by: R&D (3)
Last found: May 23, 2016
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Nov 20, 2015
This series of letterboxes was planted in honor of our 10th anniversary this month. The final box is based off of a cross-stitched image from our wedding and we added the others to keep with the theme.

At the time we were both living in San Jose and loved to take long drives down San Felipe Road. It's a pleasant drive, but there are not a lot of places to pull over and plant a letterbox. But if you turn onto Early Morning Lane, you may just be able to find a few. Parking is available on Running Springs Road. Make your way down to San Felipe Road on foot, where you will find a small running/biking trail. Turn right and head Northwest to a small bridge. But before crossing the bridge, sneak behind the fence to the right. Find the end of the hedge on the backside of the fence and there, under leaves and rocks, is the first box.

Go ahead and cross the bridge and continue along the path. When you come to the end of the guardrail, reach inside to find our second box.

Continue on, following the trail as it veers away from the road. You will pass six large eucalyptus trees before finding an oak tree on the left. Across the path is a tree stump and between that stump and the neighboring tree is the final box, covered in bark and leaves.

There is only one logbook for this series (in the final box). If you want, you can collect all of the boxes and stamp in at the final box, as they are placed fairly close together.