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Happy Valentines Day LbNA #68117

Owner:blacksheep 1&2 Contact
Plant date:Feb 12, 2015
Location: Madera Canyon
Found by: Waneta Wench (2)
Last found: Mar 19, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 12, 2015
A drive by and easy stroll
Hand carved stamps
Fee area

Madera Canyon is a birders paradise and a great place to hike, have lunch or just relax and enjoy nature.

From I-19 and Continental Rd. follow the signs to Madera Canyon Rec. area. At about 11 miles you will pass the Visitors Info. Station (open only on week-ends) and the Proctor parking area. Look ahead to the information signs near the cattle guard. Continue to the Proctor bike trail entrance and park. Walk back about 35 steps to the signs and cross the ditch. From the lodge sign look away from the road and a little to your left for a large rock. Behind and under more rocks is the box.
Please do not disturb the tube and cover for the car counter.

For box #2 continue up the road to the Amphitheater parking lot. Cross the bridge an go to the end of the concrete walk. Look straight up the trail about 50 ft.and find the pair of trees with bark that looks like alligator hide. Between the trees is a pile of rocks with your Valentine hidden among them.
Be extra discrete. This is a well traveled trail.

If you visit the Santa Rita Lodge gift shop you can check on "Name That Bird" and bird watch if you like.
Enjoy the canyon, have a picnic . Please register and let us know the condition of the boxes.