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Nearby Rabbits A-Pier LbNA #68045

Owner:Wonderlusting Contact
Plant date:Jan 22, 2015
Location: 1400 Cader Lane
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found: Jan 27, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 22, 2015
Park in the lot, and begin your stroll taking the paved path. It will meander...eventually passing a rusted bridge on your right (if there is a bike anchored there we might meet...Look for the lady in the black spectacles). You are about half way there. Continue past the rusted cylinders on your left adjacent to the field where the jack rabbits convene and gambol...If you are lucky they will put on a show for you...But even if not, luck will be with you as you arrive at the pier. Looking directly at its entrance, the square rusted column at the left, with the blue stencil of a dog has your reward beneath it. Tucked into the left corner closest to the path, so it cannot be seen looking down through the boards, is the carve. There are benches on the pier, or close by at an adjacent kiosk.
Please: Reseal everything tightly
Replace tucked into that corner
Let me know you have been there.
But most of all enjoy...the experience...the wetlands...and letterboxing!