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Winged Deaths Head LbNA #6804

Owner:Scarab Contact
Plant date:Dec 31, 2003
Found by: WanderingOkieWoman
Last found: Jul 12, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Dec 31, 2003
Winged Deaths Head Letterbox

Find the old cemetery on Old Mill Road east of Osterville. Park in the middle of the cemetery but start by where you entered in the west corner near the mail box labeled 97.

I searched for an interesting, old, slate, tombstone with a winged deaths head to inspire my stamp carving. This is what you seek first. In the pointy west corner of the cemetery is a large tree. 39 steps directly north of this tree search for the slate tombstone of Daniel Lovell, departed this earth 1785. It is also at 70 degrees from the big York headstone across the street. Be sure to read the bottom inscription about "the memory of the just." Notice the sawed off stumps around you from hurricane Bob which wreaked a lot of damage here.

From Daniel Lovell's walk 39 steps at 340 degrees, past a large tree with two, too close headstones, until you find two blue gray cast iron headstones, side by side. One is sadly missing its name plate. The other is for Sarah Lovell.

From Sarah Lovell's notice that straight north runs a long line of headstones in a row. Follow this line to the 15th headstone that is part of a group of Lovells. Notice how many are dearly departed relatives and how many are in memory of faithful companions. Notice one in particular and the “Little” one next to it. Be sure to read the inscription on the back of the “Little” one about how heaven better be worthy.

One in the Lovell area is for George Franklin. Facing west, stand to the left of this one and locate a tall, white marble memorial, “draped in cloth”. Sight just to the right of this to the farthest headstone you can see.

Walk to this marker for Albert N. Jones which you will find covered in lichen. Directly to the left is a large, low, evergreen bush. Search in the middle of the close edge of it. As always please be discrete and replace well hidden.

This is the same cemetery as the first Oyster-ville letterbox. [now missing] Please bring your own stamp pad.