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Cole's 1908 LbNA #68023

Owner:Creeping Death Contact
Plant date:Jan 11, 2015
Location: 118 East 6th St
City:Los Angeles
County:Los Angeles
Found by: Creeping Death
Last found:Jul 6, 2019
Last edited:Jul 8, 2019
Old School restaurant series
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Use a black ink pad
Bring a tan, beige, or pink pencil

Downtown Los Angeles
06JUL19 new stamp and location

Start from this historic restaurant
Go north 3 blocks on the Main drag
Pass a Nickel
Have you seen a movie Regent-ly
Do not pass the 5 Stars
The 40th president awaits you at this corner
Low hedges are the only green nearby
In view of Paradise

Pick up your DOG POOP the signs says - mini Altoid hook and magnet

Beware of the sleeping zombies across the street
Muggles everywhere day or night