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Brownie LbNA #67928

Plant date:Nov 30, 2014
Location: Oak Canyon Nature Center
City:Anaheim Hills
Planted by:Trp3344 Contact Inactive
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Apr 2, 2015
Last edited:Nov 30, 2014
Go to "Oak Canyon Nature Center" and start your search at the Interpretive Center. Outside in front of the interpretive Center is the main road. Walk up the steps directly in front of the Interpretive Center and then head SOUTH on Heritage Trail. Pass the animal posts on the left. When you get to the metal bench, head EAST on the trail. Follow the trail right when you get to the big cactus. The trail will curve and you will pass by a shelter. Keep left on the trail and it will eventually wind around to the right. Stay on trail heading up the hill. About 1/2 way up the hill you will pass between 2 large trees, one on each side of the path. One of the trees splits like a "V". Dig on the north side of this tree and you will find "Brownie" waiting for you!!!

Good luck!