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First aid needed20,000 Years Later... LbNA #67884

Owner:Spishsco Contact
Plant date:Nov 14, 2014
Found by: Dartmoor Dreamer
Last found: Jan 13, 2017
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 14, 2014
Start at the reading place of the hills of 100 years.

Exit through the north doors.

Cross the expanse of black to the other side.

Turn right and follow the concrete path.

Resist the temptation to stop for a picnic, just keep following the path, always staying to the right, crossing one break in the concrete.

What if you lived 20,000 years ago? (Now's the time to turn.)

To your right, all the world's a stage, keep on keeping on.

You'll come to a roundabout, just stick to the right.

The Columbia Mammoth knows you're getting close.

Say hello to the Western Camel.

The Giant Ground Sloth guards the prize.

20,000 years ago this area was home to mammoths, camels, and sloths. This stamp shows you what you can find here now.

Be discreet, this area is well populated. And please re-hide it very carefully.