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Brownie Troop 4095 LbNA #67876

Plant date:Nov 1, 2014
Location: Anderson Park
City:Redondo Beach
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:Marie Roman Contact Inactive
Found by: Kelsung
Last found:Feb 26, 2015
Last edited:Nov 1, 2014
1. Start at the center of the path by the playground at Anderson park.
2. Get your compass!
3.Go to the pole with three round signs.
4.Walk west to the tennis courts.
5.Follow the path south and make a right.
6.Take the path west to the running water.
7.Face your back to the water.
8.Head south to the big tree.
9.Run around the tree three times.
10.Walk east toward the batting cages.
11.Keep walking past the bleachers.
12.Go east to the big rock with the sign.
13.This is not the sign you want. Look for another made of wood, the color of the sky.
14.Go east down the sidewalk path.
15.Make a left turn by the telephone pole.
16. Keep left at the big tree to continue on the path.
17.Pass Anderson Annex & a picnic table.
18. Toward your right before you get to the Girl Scout House with the creepy crawlers you will find a surprise.