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Elephant's Stomping Ground LbNA #67860

Plant date:Nov 8, 2014
Location: Martha McLean Park
Planted by:Nuk-luk Contact Inactive
Found by: BBWEW
Last found:Oct 14, 2019
Last edited:Nov 8, 2014
From Martha McLean Park, head west on the Santa Ana River bike trail. You will see an old arched bridge ahead. Continue under the bridge. As soon as you are no longer under the bridge, take 35 more steps on the bike trail. Look to the left and you will see a dirt trail that leads up to a very large boulder. Go 35 steps from where you leave the bike trail. You will be very close to the large boulder. Just to the right of the boulder is a smaller split rock. The pink letterbox is hidden in the crack of the split rock, covered by 2 small rocks. Enjoy the contents. Please put everything back and seal the ziplock bag. Hide well.