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Girl Scout Troop 8572 Letterbox LbNA #67763

Owner:Troop 8572 Contact
Plant date:Oct 12, 2014
City:Spanish Fort
Location: Blakeley State Park
Found by: Inveterate Learner
Last found:Dec 29, 2014
Last edited:Oct 12, 2014
Enter the Blakeley State Park in Spanish Fort, Alabama. Pass the Gatehouse, take a right at the cannon, then a left before the bathhouse. Locate the open area within the Harper primitive campground. Start in the open area where the 5 trees grow. Facing North with your back to campsite 27, take 70 paces to a place of final rest. Find the lonely cross by a tree, half buried in the ground. Facing the tree of the lonely cross, turn to 3 o'clock and take 34 paces to a forked oak tree. Your treasure will be down below, hidden with shrubs for protection.