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Anchor's Away LbNA #67631

Plant date:Apr 12, 2014
Location: Grenada Lake
Planted by:amberpat Contact
Found by: Not yet found!
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 12, 2014
A letterbox hybrid combines the use of a stamp and geocaching. The stamp and ink pad are part of the cache and should not be removed from the cache.

Anchor's away! Time to go fishing! Grenada Lake is the ultimate destination for crappie anglers in search of trophy-class fish. The lake is specifically managed for large crappie and it shows, with giant-size white crappies plus stout blacks. There are aggressive minimum-length and creel limits, and because of such restrictions, 2-plus-pound crappies are rather commonplace and 3-plus-pounders aren’t uncommon. There’s no doubt it’s North America’s king of crappie lakes. GZ brings you to Carver's Point State Park, one of the many beautiful out of the way, road less traveled areas of the lake.

Sign and date the log as usual. Stamp your page using provided stamp/ink and tell me about the biggest fish you have ever caught. Kind of fish, how much it weighed, length... I know geocachers are good, honest people and I will only get to read the truth here! Have fun and enjoy the letterbox!
N 33° 50.420 W 089° 40.877