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#LoveGrowsHereLetterBox LbNA #67627

Owner:@nicthechick Contact
Plant date:Sep 2, 2014
Location: Sabercat Creek Trail
Found by: suncassie
Last found:Feb 28, 2021
Last edited:Sep 2, 2014
Park at the corner of Paseo Padre Parkway and Quema Drive. Enter through the cattle gate and follow the big, curvy, paved path down the hill. Make a right and stay straight on the path for a while. Keep an eye out for big wild turkeys, tiny lizards, and ground squirrels! You'll come to a second cattle gate followed by a wide wooden bridge surrounded by blackberry bushes. Cross the bridge and pass the yellow fire hydrant. You'll come to a fork in the path shortly after. Take the path to the right of the old abandoned building. Keep an eye on the trees on your left side. You'll come across one that has a branch cut off that ALMOST looks like it's in the shape of a heart. Take a couple very careful steps up the steep hill towards the tree. Look in the exposed roots to your right side and here you will find the box! If you continue on down this path you will come to an unpaved path that loops around and you can oversee 680. Instagram: #LoveGrowsHereLetterBox