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High on Brew LbNA #67580 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Creeping Death Contact
Plant date:Aug 31, 2014
Location: 2145 Foothill Blvd
City:La Verne
County:Los Angeles
Found by: WafflesParty
Last found:Aug 30, 2015
Last edited:Oct 9, 2015
Between 1976 and 1983 one of my favorite television sitcoms was
Laverne and Shirley. On the show these two comics worked at the Shotz Brewery in Milwaukee.
Every time I go to La Verne it brings back memories of this show from my
youth. I attempted to hide it at the La Verne Brewery which is nearby but I
couldn't find a good hiding spot there. You can get high at this alternative
hiding spot and still be legal to drive.

Alley between building and tall bushes
3rd tree which blooms in a girls color
No window pane here
3 feet high
1 arm length into the green
Camo bag hangs like a holiday ornament

Replace it on the same thin limb
Where gardeners will not be able to see it