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Watch Your Toes (2) LbNA #67395

Owner:dewlovers Contact
Plant date:Jul 21, 2014
Location: Island Nature Trail
Found by: recipefordisaster (2)
Last found: Sep 30, 2019
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Sep 30, 2019
9/2019: Both boxes still available! Watch Your Toes has updated clues & it's best to wear your sneakers & tall socks! The Remember Me box has new location with updated clues.

Enter Chincoteague Island via Route 175, turn Left on Main Street. Turn right on Hallie Whealton Smith Dr (it's after Chincoteague High School). On your left look for the Town of Chincoteague Island Nature Trail sign (that's the trail). The parking lot is on the right after that sign. The Island Nature Trail is NOT dog friendly. Use caution as you cross the street to the trail. Look for the crabs & other critters in the waterway by the side of the road. Apply PLENTY of bug spray. You will need it!
(Check AQ for other letterboxes--not ours--on the trail by the parking lot).

Also the town regularly sprays for mosquitoes, including on this trail. If you hear a loud humming noise coming from the trail direction, they're probably spraying. You'll recognize the noise if you are here for a couple days!

We had so much fun finding boxes on CI, that we ended up planting some & used magnets as the stamp. Sorry if you get ink on you fingers from stamping!

Watch Your Toes on this trail, better yet wear sneakers! No crabs, but plenty of frogs, pine cones, & even owl scat if you're lucky! As you stand between the posts at the entrance to the trail look for the tall pine tree on the left side of trail, take 26 paces from the entrance (1 pace = 2 footfalls). You should reach that pine tree on the left. Behind that pine tree with the "x" in the bark is another tree about 13 feet off the trail. This tree has several trees coming out of the base (though you cannot see that from the trail). You'll need to Watch your toes as you look for this box behind that multi-tree. Yes it's through those smaller pine trees.

To find the Remember Me Letterbox, continue on this trail as it curves. You will start to see some water/ponds. Look for the black & blue culvert pipe on your right. It looks like ridged steel that has blue & black marks on it, the tall grass may cover it up, if you see the metal culvert on your left you are close. Continue on the path & LOOK for the old rotting stump on the right. The stump is 3 ft tall. You will see a large tree down behind the stump. What you are looking for is on the other side of that down tree about 3 feet to the right (when looking from the stump side).

At this point you are about 1/2 through the trail, enjoy!