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Wonderful Pumps LbNA #67328

Owner:Kitty Mow Mow Contact
Plant date:Jul 19, 2014
Found by: handy trackers
Last found: Nov 6, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 19, 2014
Established by Kitty Mow Mow - July 19, 2014

1. Google Sump Drainage 56 Sacramento

2. Once you have arrived at the Drainage Pump Station, stand in front and look for the silver Tescoflex Service Pedestal

3. Take five steps forward from behind the Pedestal and look for a tree stump and some bushes.

4. Behind the stump, in leaves, you will find the letterbox

Second Box

Bald Cypress

1. Look for the grove of bald cypress

2. Look up and see the Sump Drainage Pump Unit.

3. Look for the LARGE pipe that comes out of the hill and follow it to where it enters the concrete cage.

4. Under the bridge, with the pipe next to you, look up at the girder.

5. The box is tucked into the space where the girder meets the concrete cage.