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Down The Rabbit Hole LbNA #67203

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Apr 12, 2014
Location: 4501 Casa Loma Ave
City:Yorba Linda
Found by: cGhost
Last found:Aug 29, 2023
Last edited:Apr 22, 2022
Planted vaguely in conjunction with the Bunny Trail event.
Killer Rabbit retired as of 2/20/16
Playboy Bunny alive and well as of 4/9/22

Exit the freeway at Imperial Hwy and head towards Yorba Linda. After 3.8 miles, turn south on Casa Loma Ave and park at the Community Center or Hurless Barton Park.

Walk back to the trail with the white fence that parallels Imperial and continue walking in the same direction you were driving. Count the fence posts on the right, ignoring any gaps, up to the number of the freeway you exited plus thirty-two. Make sure nobody is looking, then remove the loose cap from the next fence post on the opposite (left) side of the trail.