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You Are My Sunshine LbNA #66877

Plant date:Oct 15, 2013
Location: Chester Creek Trail
Planted by:Spinner
Found by: WhiteOtter
Last found:Apr 20, 2015
Last edited:Oct 15, 2013
Start from the L-shaped bridge connecting 19th Avenue to Chester Creek Trail near Valley of the Moon Park. With back to the bridge, travel east on the dirt path until you come to an opening in the woods. You will not have reached the paved trail. There will be a large spruce to the north. Look south. There is a small spruce tree about 15 feet from you. Search the base for what you seek.

This box was hidden with my son as our first adventure in Letterboxing and as a local letterbox for my Brownie troop to find. One small journal is full of the girls' original stamp images. We hope you enjoy the box as much as we have enjoyed finding it and creating maps to help our friends find it, too.