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Dread Peach 4X4 Adventures, No. 1 LbNA #66795

Owner:Peach & Cappy Contact
Plant date:Apr 26, 2014
Found by: Azroadie
Last found: Oct 7, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 26, 2014
Find your way to the famous "Broken Arrow" in Sedona. Drive your 4X4 or city car along the dirt road to the first parking lot on your left. Park here.

Locate the Forest Service Informational Board and walk up the stone steps, turn left and continue on foot on the dirt road. Follow up the road about .2 miles to the circle turn around.

Look south at the slick rocks where the Jeeps start up the trail. You will see a fissure running up the rocks to a small tree. Go to the tree. Climb up the rocks and continue in the same direction. You will come to a small ledge. Under the ledge, you will find "Dread Peach 4X4 Adventures, #1 under some rocks.

Sit and enjoy the 4X4's climbing up onto the slick rock for an adventure of their own.

Use caution because snakes, scorpions, cactus, etc.are common in Sedona area. Be sure to return box as you found it so it stays dry. Enjoy Sedona!