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V Tree LbNA #66734

Owner:Troop350 Contact
Plant date:Apr 13, 2014
Location: Red Mountain Park
Found by: ST-Ranger
Last found: May 17, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Apr 13, 2014
o This letterbox is near the split between the Smythe and the Redding Ishkooda trail.
o It is not far from the edge of the trail.
o When you get to the split, turn right.
o After you turn right, there should be a tree shaped like a V in the middle of the path, look right at that tree.
o There should be a smaller V shaped tree at the edge of the path. (It might be a little behind the tree in the middle of the path.)
o The letterbox is to the left the smaller V tree under a slanted rock.