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Many Peaks LbNA #66545

Owner:Desert Flower Contact
Plant date:Feb 22, 2014
Location: N of Usery Park
Found by: Kurious Jo
Last found: Mar 6, 2022
Hike distance:.5 mi
Last edited:Nov 10, 2015
Whenever we see Four Peaks we have the conversation, " How many peaks do you see?" Depending on where in the valley you view this landmark the answer varies. How many do you see?

Walk Difficulty: easy
Distance: 2/3 mi RT
Stamp: Hand-carved
Status: Alive and well on 2/22/2014

Driving directions
From I-10 and US 60, drive east on US 60. Exit Ellsworth Rd, exit #191, and head north. This road becomes Usery Pass Road. Continue past the entrance of Usery Park for 0.9 mi. to a dirt parking area on the right.

Take the trail at the NE end of the parking area.
Hike along the trail eventually into the wash.
Continue along the wash until you see a sturdy mesquite tree in the wash on the left side.
68 steps from the tree there is a narrowing of the trail formed by a ridge of boulders on the left and a hillside of boulders on the right.
About 28 steps ahead you will find yourself between 2 palo verde trees and a tall saguaro on the left and a small saguaro on the right.
Standing between the saguaros sight at 148 degrees up slope.
Walk up slope for 30 steps past 2 barrel cacti to 2 saguaro.
Stop at the first saguaro and look left to 2 boulders.
Recover well with rocks and brush.

In front of the 2 Palo Verdes is a nice view of Many Peaks.

Please be sure the contents are double-zip locked when you put them back in the box (ie- the stamp is in a ziplock, the book is in a ziplock, and the two are in the larger ziplock bag). Please put the lid on tight. Please rehide the box well, just as you found it or better! Make sure it cannot be seen from any direction.

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