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Ladybugs in the Forest LbNA #66535

Owner:Star Herders Contact
Plant date:Feb 24, 2014
Location: Philpot campground USFS rd. 30n31
Found by: Lucky The Dog
Last found: Mar 17, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 24, 2014
Ladybugs in the Forest- Philpot Self-guided Tour

From Hwy 3 south of Hayfork, take the Rattlesnake Rd. turnoff. A little over a mile the pavement ends and USFS road 30n31 is off to the right and hard to see. There is no sign on Rattlesnake rd. People kept stealing it and the USFS decided they couldn't afford to replace it anymore.
It's not far to Philpot Campground. The gate is open during the season, usually Memorial day-Labor day. But you can park in front of the gate and walk from there if it's closed. Follow the driveway west over the bridge. Just across the bridge is camp site #3. To the left of it is a trail, marked by an old water pipe. Head West on the trail.

This is the 'Philpot Self-Guided Tour' trail. The tour was put in by the Watershed Program and local groups after the devastaing fires of 1987. Many of the trail markers are missing, but it is still a great hike ( about 2.5 miles round trip) through the forest to Philpot Waterfall. A copy of the Philpot Self-Guided Tour is available from the USFS Hayfork Ranger station. (There is also a geocache on this trail).

Watch for the brown posts with numbers on them, these are the tour markers. Just past marker #6 (West) there is a tall burned Douglas Fir with a tall burned stump behind it. The stump holds the box.