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Philpot Campground LbNA #66534

Owner:Star Herders Contact
Plant date:Feb 24, 2014
Location: Philpot Campground
Found by: CelticCur and Woofs
Last found: Mar 21, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 24, 2014
Welcome to Philpot Campground on USFS road 30n31, off Rattlesnake Road.

This is my first ever hide, so please let me know if I left something out!

The campground has a circle driveway with a bridge where it crosses Philpot creek on the west side and a drive-across-the-creek on the east side. As you enter the campground through the green USFS gate, there is a outhouse to your right. This is where I am going to start my directions from.

Go about 32 paces from the outhouse, following the driveway straight (S) across the creek. To your left is a boulder. The box is on the south side of the boulder.

Note: There is a trail at the west end of the campground that leads to a waterfall on the 'Philpot self-guided Tour'. The tour was put in by the Watershed Program and local groups after the devastaing fires of 1987. Many of the trail markers are missing, but it is still a great hike ( about 2.5 miles round trip) through the forest and to Philpot Waterfall. A copy of the Philpot Self-Guided Tour is available from the USFS Hayfork Ranger station. There is another letterbox on this trail. ( also a geocache box).