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The Muppets Go Nowhere LbNA #66467

Owner:MrOspital Contact Supporter
Plant date:Feb 1, 2014
County:Los Angeles
Location: East Fork Trail
Found by: JampersandJ (4)
Last found: Apr 13, 2015
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Feb 1, 2014
The Bridge to Nowhere is a 9-mile round trip hike with 900 feet of elevation gain. Constructed in 1936 over a gap carved by the East Fork of the San Gabriel River, the bridge would serve as a link in a roadway between the San Gabriel Valley to the south and Wrightwood to the north. That is until the spring of 1938, when a massive flood changed the landscape of the canyon and washed out the road leading to the bridge. The road was never restored and construction was abandoned.

Directions-From the 210 freeway in Azusa, take exit 40 north on Route 39. Drive 11.6 miles north, passing the East Fork Ranger Station at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. Pass San Gabriel Reservoir and turn right on East Fork Road (It is a bridge). After 5.2 miles, when the road makes a sharp bend to the right, continue straight ahead on Camp Bonita Prairie Forks Road, sticking with the river for an additional 3/4 of a mile to the trailhead parking area. Park where you can along the road or at the parking lot, but don't forget to hang your Adventure Pass ($5 at the ranger station).

The Muppet Show

Park your car and head to the gate leading to a dirt road following the river. Stroll past 1 Yucca, double Yucca, and then a little ravine on the right. The look left to a rock in front on a dirt mound. Look behind the mound and under a small rock.

Kermit the Frog

Soon you will pass through the campground and if available fill out a free wilderness permit (They are supposed to have some in the parking lot too). Head through a gate where anglers are supposed to get a fishing permit, and then down steps & over a drainpipe. From the pipe count 50 steps to a small tree on the right. Look behind it and say, "Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here".

Miss Piggy

Stay right through a field of yucca then along the river past a huge oak. After crossing the river to the left side look for a welded #1 square post (Mile marker 1) on left side of the trail. Look behind the large rock to the left of the yucca, under a smaller rock for something, as Miss Piggy would say, "From moi, to you."


Continue on the left side till you pass bridge ruins and then have to cross the stream back to the right side. Cross all the way to the right wall looking for a "T" in the trail. At the "T" head left, count 44 steps to a flat boulder on the right. Look under the right edge. "Ah, and what do! Eat drums! [loudly chews on a cymbal]"

Gonzo the Great

Hike on across the sandbar. "Oatmeal! Oatmeal!...What!?!? I was out of mush" -Gonzo (driving a dog sled) Then stay to the right and see some leftover stretches of the road. Continue to stay on the right wall as the river turns right past a big white "Y" in the rock. As the trail moves away from the sheer walls, stay on the ground as it heads higher on the right. At large fallen log take a bearing of 65 degrees to a boulder with a tree behind it. Look behind the boulder close to the tree.

Fozzie Bear

Why don't you wear shoes Fozzie? Why should I? I'd still have bear feet. Wocka Wocka Wocka! Hike on past a huge boulder in the middle of the stream. Stay right and eventually cross over a nice wood bridge on the right side of the stream. From the bridge count 25 steps to a tree on the right. Look in the center of the tree under small rocks.


Hike on passing the swan formation high in the canyon to the right. You will soon come to the #3 mile marker and then the trail widens out and is paved. Just before the boulder in the trail, with a bush on the left and a boulder/yucca on the right. Look behind the boulder on the right, under a small matching rock in a pocket.

S: This (hike)show is awful!
W: Terrible!
S: Disgusting!
W: See you next week?
S: Of course.


Walk on, crossing if needed, but eventually taking the raised ridge on the right. There are many opportunities to get up there, just look for the arrows made of rocks. Once on the right ridge hike up the trail to the "dead woods." Look for a tree with roots in the trail. From there backtrack 22 steps to a rock on left under the arm of the first tree.


Hike on past marker (Meemeee)#4. Then stop and read the private property sign, they allow you to hike in the area and (Meep)cross the Bridge to Nowhere. Continue to the bridge, enjoying a swim in the pool below it if you like. When done (meepmeepmeepmeepmeep), head back the way you came past mile marker #4. Count 15 steps to a rock on the left. Look behind the larger rock on the left behind a white rock.

Sam the Eagle

Hike on, staying to the left side on the stream. Upon reaching mile marker #3, please face the hill (NE) and walk to an orange rock. Look behind it and under a black rock. Stopping in the middle of the trail is distinctly unpatriotic.


Hike down past the rocky area and big oak on the left side of the stream. When you get to a rock-lined path on the left, just before it head back down to the stream, head left off-trail 7 steps to 2 large rocks. Look between them and under a flat black rock. (was retired out of deference to Henson's memory as he was both the first Muppet to achieve popularity and, according to some sources, the character closest to Jim Henson's personality)

Swedish Chef

Continue you hike down to the "T intersection from earlier. This time head straight 75 steps to a curve up left at a Yucca. Walk 12 more steps to a big rock on the left. Turn left, walk 8 steps saying, "bork, bork bork" to the big rock. Look under the rocks on the right side.