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Bible Verse Hunt in KTN LbNA #66450

Plant date:Jan 27, 2014
County:Ketchikan Gateway
Location: Downtown, Easy for Cruise Ship Passengers
Planted by:pattisonfamily
Found by: Teddy's Butterfly (2)
Last found:Jun 30, 2014
Last edited:Jan 27, 2014
This is a 3 Stamp Series of Boxes! You can find 1 box, or all 3, they are all within a 1 mile walking radius of downtown Ketchikan, making this a great box set for Cruise Ship Passengers!

(*we used a King James Version Bible for the Scripture Verse text clues- I am not sure whether switching versions will alter the verses enough to change the clues...hunt with another version at your own risk*)

(**these are all in popular tourist locations, please re-hid the boxes exactly as found, and be sneaky!!! Happy Letterboxing, we hope you enjoy!**)

Box 1: Genesis 1:21 & Genesis 2:9

Box 2: Genesis 28:12 & Jeremiah 17:8

Box 3: Luke 9:58 & Genesis 3:24

-We would LOVE to hear your input about this box!!!-