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G is for Gila Monster LbNA #66349

Owner:FamilyTreeShaker Contact
Plant date:Dec 25, 2013
Found by: JoySong
Last found: Mar 9, 2021
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jan 25, 2018
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 15 minutes one-way, mostly flat, 1.4 miles round trip
Stamp: Hand Carved (This one is for Navywife727)

The Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum, /ˈhiːlə/ hee-lə) is a species of venomous lizard native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexican state of Sonora. A heavy, slow-moving lizard, up to 60 cm (2.0 ft) long, the Gila monster is the only venomous lizard native to the United States and one of only two known species of venomous lizards in North America, the other being its close relative, the Mexican beaded lizard (H. horridum). Though the Gila monster is venomous, its sluggish nature means it represents little threat to humans. (source: wikipedia)

How to get to trailhead:
From I-10, take Speedway west for 7.1 miles to Gates Pass. After coming through the pass and heading down towards Old Tucson Studios, you will arrive at the stop sign. Left takes you to Old Tucson Studios and right to the Sonoran Museum. Parking area K15 is directly across from the stop sign. Park here.

To the box:
(All degrees are from magnetic north.)
The trailhead is on the other side of the road. Be very careful crossing the street. A short distance up the trail is a sign for Gates Pass trail and Cougar trail. You will be taking the Cougar Trail.

A short distance down Cougar Trail you will come to a wash. Make your way through the wash and scramble up the trail on the other side.

Continue on the trail to 044209. 50 steps more on trail. Stop here. 90* for 18 steps to palo verde. East side under flat rock.

Please make sure box is snugly in it's hidey hole when replacing and put rocks/debris as you found it.

The standard warning applies when reaching for letterboxes in Arizona:
Rattlesnakes and “mean” things abound,
please take a stick and poke around.
It may save your hand or your life
and help to avoid loads of strife!

Hint: Gates Pass Trail, C is for Cougar and David's Desert Letterboxes are all nearby.