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Big Al #4: The Lone Haranguer LbNA #66264

Plant date:Nov 22, 2013
Location: James Ingalls Equestiran Event Center
Planted by:P4Mesisca Contact
Found by: JampersandJ
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Nov 22, 2013
I've decided that my first several plants will be in honor of my Dad. Big Al died five years ago before ever being introduced to letterboxing. My son and I have recently discovered this exciting adventure and know that my Dad would have absolutely loved it. And so, in remembrance of my Dad, Al, here is my fourth plant and clue:

My mother and father joined the Single Action Shooting Society later in life to combine their shared love of cowboys and shooting. This organization allows its member to choose a cowboy alias, and compete in cowboy action shooting, all done in full cowboy costume. Dad's alias was The Lone Haranguer.

Make your way to the George Ingalls Equestrian Events Center in Norco (Southern California's Horsetown USA). Before entering Gate 5 you will see a very large boulder under a tree to your left up on a small hill. The Lone Haranguer is hiding underneath that boulder, concealed by two rocks.