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B-32 "Dominator" LbNA #66227

Owner:DS Contact
Plant date:Nov 17, 2013
City:Walnut Ridge
Location: 70 S. Beacon Rd
Found by: DS
Last found: May 30, 2020
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Jul 10, 2019
Near Walnut Ridge in Arkansas is the site of a World War II Army Flying School. The air strip and several of the original buildings (including the commandant’s quarters and the church), still stand today. The war effort at this site is memorialized in the Wings of Honor WW II Museum located near the WW II airstrip. (Free entry, and worth a visit.) At this site, 5300 Army Cadets entered training and 4641 graduated between October 12, 1942 through 1944. In 1945, the site became a temporary POW Camp for German prisoners, housing 160 German soldiers. After the end of WW II from 1945 to 1946, this site was the site of a major warbird salvage effort. About 10,000 proud “Warbirds”, including scores of newly developed B-32 “Dominator” Bombers, were flown to Walnut Ridge for disposal. After WW II, in 1946, much of the property was sold to Southern (now Williams) Baptist College, still open today. Many soldiers used their GI Bill to attend the college following the War. During your visit, be sure to stop for a soda or lunch at the Parachute Inn Restaurant, just steps from the museum. It is quite unusual to have lunch in an old remodeled Boeing 737.

Clues to the Box: Make your way to the Wings of Honor Museum, 70 S. Beacon RD, Walnut Ridge, AR. In front of the front door to the museum, a metal canopy covers the walkway. Park in front and stand facing the museum. The box is located behind one of the I -beams that holds the canopy up, on the right and directly next to the building. The box is wedged between the I-bean and a big bolt. Pull the box straight up to remove it, and push it back straight down when done, to keep it security in place.