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241 Girl Scout Fun LbNA #65829

Plant date:Sep 18, 2013
County:El Dorado
Location: Magnolia Ranch Trailhead, Rt 49
Planted by:caroadie
Found by: Desert Flower
Last found:Sep 18, 2013
Last edited:Sep 18, 2013
Special thanks to Azroadie (aka Grandpa Jack) for carving the stamp.

Driving directions:
From CA 49 and Marshall Rd drive North on 49 for 3 miles to trailhead parking on the left.

From the parking lot walk through the gate. Follow the Gerle Loop trail, to the right of the sign board. Staying to the right with fence along right side.

At the T-intersection turn Left, away from the fence corner.

At the next intersection with trail signs, turn right going uphill.
At the Y in the trail bear left and look left to 2 brown hitching posts, towards the river.

From the north pole go at 70 degrees and walk for 28 steps. The letterbox is in the base of an oak tree, under a flat rock and plant debris.

Please be sure the contents are double-zip locked when you put them back in the box (ie- the stamp is in a ziplock, the book is in a ziplock, and the two are in the larger ziplock bag). Please put the lid on tight. Please rehide the box well, just as you found it or better! Cover it well with the flat rock, plant debris and sticks. Make sure it cannot be seen from any direction.

Contact me if the box needs attention:

Please record your find at or at