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The Bombinating Beast LbNA #65798

Owner:Nature Hikers Contact
Plant date:Sep 14, 2013
City:Mountain View
County:Santa Clara
Location: Mountain View Public Library
Found by: Nature Hikers
Last found: Dec 10, 2015
Hike distance:.1 mi
Last edited:Nov 20, 2015
A mystery is solved with a story. The story starts with a clue, but the trouble is that you usually have no idea what the clue is, even if you think you know. I thought the clue was the Bombinating Beast, and I wondered how I might find out more.

Lemony Snicket became (in)famous for writing A Series Of Unfortunate Events. In his new series, All The Wrong Questions, he chronicles his own childhood, before his life became forever entwined with the lives of the Baudelaire Orphans.

The following are excerpts from the first book in the series: Who Could That Be at This Hour?

The library was one enormous room, with long, high metal shelves and the perfect quiet that libraries provide for anyone looking for an answer. I was at home, which is why I decided it was acceptable to hide something in the shelves. I searched for a long book that looked boring, and settled on something called An Analysis of Brown, Black, and Beige, hoping that nobody would be interested in the study of ordinary colors. I unwrapped the statue, pulled the book off the shelf, and pushed the Bombinating Beast into the empty space as far as it could go, before replacing the book.

"Why did you hide it here?" Ellington asked in a whisper.

"A Library is usually a safe place," I replied, "and this book looked so dull I thought no one would ever check it out."

"That's where you're wrong, Mr. Snicket," she replied. "This is the first book I would have checked out."

The way she looked at the book made me remember what the sub-librarian had said. In every library there is a single book that can answer the question that burns like a fire in the mind. It was not a book on color, I noticed. It was not filed in that section.

Be stealthy and trust no one! Hangfire has operatives everywhere.