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First aid neededPunkhorn Swamp/Bog LbNA #65566

Owner:Punkhorn Contact
Plant date:Aug 18, 2013
Location: Punkhorn Parklands
Found by: Belle Star
Last found: Nov 18, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 18, 2013
The trails and water features of the Punkhorn are lovely any time of year! Please enjoy your letterbox search!

Driving directions:
From the Mid-Cape highway exit onto Rt. 134 (Exit 9B). Go about ¼ mile and bear right onto Airline. Continue on Airline, which will lead into Setucket Road and then eventually Stony Brook Road. Just keep straight. After passing the herring run and mill site on Stony Brook Road look for Run Hill Road at the top of the hill. Coming from Rt. 6A, turn onto Stony Brook Road at the flashing light and look for Run Hill Road.
On Run Hill Road you’ll go 1. 25 miles, when the road will turn to dirt/gravel. Soon after, you will turn left into a parking lot. There is signage here for the Punkhorn Parklands conservation area.

Directions to the box:
Head on foot to the trail-head at the end of the lot away from the road. You will see a sign board which will give you an idea of the extensive trail system that the Punkhorn has to offer.
Follow the path to an open area. There will be a building off to the left. Go to the left of the building following the trail markers for the yellow and orange trails.
At the first fork, go left.
Then at the next fork, you will follow the yellow path off to the right.
At the next fork, the path on the left will be very sandy. You go to the right/straight. You will still be on the yellow trail.
If you look off to the right, you will see an area that’s opened up in the distance, a swampy area with a shallow pond in the middle. This is a remnant of the booming cranberry business in the late 18th and 19th centuries. In the fall, you can slog through and find now wild cranberries still growing!
At the next fork, go right/stay straight. You are now leaving the yellow trail. At this point, you will see a tree with two yellow arrow signs pointing in different directions. Again, your next directions will take you off the yellow trail, but using the tree with the two yellow signs as your starting point, walk 53 paces (about 2 ½ feet each, give or take), where you will see, on you left, the trunk of a tree (the top has broken off) which is leaning toward the path. Just before you reach this tree, there will be a deer path on your right.
Follow the deer path as it heads toward the swamp/bog. The path will go off to the right and head down a slope. At the bottom of the slope, look off to the left toward the swamp and find a clump of trees coming out of a central root system. There are about 15 trees or limbs visible. At the base of the mass of trees is your box! Look for the bright blue top!
Make sure to spend a little extra time reading about the history of the Punkhorn.
If you’re feeling adventurous, wend your way into the bog for a better look. You will get your shoes wet!

To return, you can retrace your steps or try one of the many other paths around. It's not hard to get a bit disoriented in the Punkhorn, so carry a phone with a map app to find the different paths back to the parking lot. Enjoy your adventure!