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Bottle Village LbNA #65550 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Kelsung Contact
Plant date:Aug 17, 2013
Location: 4595 Cochran St
City:Simi Valley
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Aug 17, 2013
Already missing 9/23/13, don't know if I'll replace

Starting in 1956 at the age of 60, and continuing until 1981, Tressa Luella "Grandma" Prisbrey constructed 13 structures and 20 sculptures out of hand-mixed cement and discarded items from the dump, primarily glass bottles, on her property in Simi Valley.

What is now known as "Bottle Village" became Ventura County Landmark #5 in 1979, California Historical Landmark #939 in 1981, and then added to the National Register Of Historic Places in 1996.

However, the site was officially closed in 1984, and suffered severe damage from the Northridge Earthquake in 1994. Volunteers are making slow progress in preserving the site, but it is only sporadically open for guided tours. The sign outside when I planted said the next one was June 1st, two months ago, so check one of these websites for future information:

One "Official" website
Another "Official" website

There are also several videos on YouTube, including a lengthy documentary from 1980.

However, hiding a letterbox proved difficult since, although you can see a good deal through the gates from the street, the site is rarely open to the public, and it is located on a busy residential street. Drive east and take the first left onto Fig Street, follow it to the end at a guardrail, and reach in the lower gap behind the post between the two red diamonds for the magnetic container.

When you are finished, make sure the logbook is sealed into the bag and tucked in so the lid closes properly, with the stamp in the smaller space to the side. Thanks to Cherryontop for carving the stamp for me.

Fun side note: The cover of the LP single "Mexican Radio" by Wall Of Voodoo is a photo of the "Doll Head Shrine" from Bottle Village.