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Deciduous Monkey IV LbNA #65505

Owner:walkingstick Contact
Plant date:Aug 13, 2013
Location: sllaF nocinmA
Found by: TJ_Mich
Last found: Jun 26, 2021
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 13, 2013
Deciduous Monkey #4
The Legend of the Deciduous Monkey

Anyone who has spent any time in the woods of Wisconsin or Minnesota knows what we are talking about. You are walking through the woods and you hear a cackling or screeching noise, you turn your head, and nothing is there. Maybe there is a clanking together of branches or rustling of leaves, but when you turn, nothing is there. A pine cone or acorn falls at your feet, you look up but nothing is there. You write it off as a crow cackling in the distance, a squirrel that disappeared behind the other side of the tree, a random falling of the cone or acorn.
But as you walk on it happens again. You turn your head quicker. You feel you are being followed and/or watched. Not maliciously, but mischievously. Still you see nothing.
My wife and I dedicated ourselves to the study of this woody mystery. And, through great dedication, we have discovered a new species!! With a glimpse of a profile here and a quick glance of an exposed tail there we have begun to examine the life of the Deciduous Monkey.
The Deciduous Monkey is very secretive and it loves mischief. It stays hidden and has eluded scientific research until now. For now, it is only documented in a series of letterboxes by Walkingstick.

The Deciduous Monkey has some regional variation. The Superior Monkey is a hardy breed and spends its time hiding from tourists & campers in the beautiful pines of Douglas County. Follow these clues to find one of the elusive Monkeys.
This box is a great stop along Highway 2 is you are in the Superior, Duluth, or Bayfield areas. Go to beautiful sllaF nocinmA.
Normal Wisconsin state park fees apply, there is a one hour option for $5. The falls are cool. We planted the box with our 3 & 4 year old along, but you do have to keep an eye on them around the water and there are some steep areas. The walk is not a long one, but you will want to linger by the water a bit to enjoy the falls.

Upon entering the park and passing the ranger station, follow the sign to the Falls, turning right. You will pass some parking spots on the right, but you want to keep driving until the end parking lot if there is a spot for you (the lot is not real big, it just depends on the day).

There is a sign about the Douglas Fault. You will want to follow the sign to the Lower Falls across the attractive bridge that takes you over the falls.
There are a couple of ways to find the prize, we will walk you the way we took to plant it which keeps the water on your right for just about the whole walk.

Go to the right after you cross the bridge. Follow along the edge of the water with it on your right. You will go up some stone ‘steps’. Stay along the water (on your right) and you will go up some more stone ‘steps’. You are well above the water at this point. There will be a brief section of woodland path you should take and there is a tree with the number 7 on it. Follow the trail – you will find the number 6. Keep walking forward to the bench. Pass the bench on the right. Follow the edge of the water – there is a number 5 on the side of a tree on the edge of the water (on your right as you walk). You will find the number 4 and here is another smaller wooden bridge for you to cross. There is another bench. Walk past the bench and go right down the path. From here count approximately 35 steps along the path (the water is on your right again). Here on your left you should see an old grill poll with no grill on top. At 180 degrees from the grill poll is a pretty darn big rock, back in the woods a bit. It stands out from the others. On the NE corner of the rock on the ground under a pile of small rocks hides the Monkey.