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Ladybug in the woods LbNA #65381

Owner:JayMos Contact
Plant date:Jul 28, 2013
County:British Columbia, CAN
Location: Stanley Park
Found by: JayMos
Last found: Jul 28, 2018
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 28, 2013
Notes: This hunt takes approximately 35 minutes at a reasonable pace with medium age children. (our testers were 7 and 10)

The terrain is variable and the box is medium difficulty to find, but easy to walk.

A pace is equal to approximately 3 feet.

This hunt starts at the feet of the park’s founder. Find the statue of Lord Stanley and stand to read the inscription.

To your left is a paved path. Take that path to the Rose Garden. You will walk through the garden until you find the giant tree’s crosswalk.

Look both ways!

Take the path around the tree and continue straight and a little to the right.

Enter the forest through the trail with the initials S.C.

If you find information about a Jungle Below Your Feet, you’re on the right path.

You should come to a ‘Y’ intersection marked by giant stumps with trees growing from their tops. Stay to the left.

You are now in for a nice forest walk.

Keep an eye out for a bird’s trail, you will want to take it to the left until it stops at what sounds like a river, but only conveys metal and gears.

Go right and remember to use the sidewalk!

Soon you will find a place to go under, up, spiral and over. Make sure you pick the right path.

Once across, you will find a red fire hydrant. Take the path named for a horse’s clothing to the right.

You will walk until you find a nice wooden place to sit under a tree. You will take the trail behind your seat for a scenic (uphill) walk.

After your nice walk you will find a trail named for a piece of grassland marked by a prince’s throne growing out of the ground. Take this trail to the left.

After a short walk you will find an area of massive fallen logs to your left. These logs are peculiarly flattened, cut and chopped.
18-20 paces up the trail from the edge of this clearing you will find a mountain bike trail leading off to the left. To make sure you have the right trail, look at the trailhead. Does it have cut and fallen logs on the left and foot thick tree growing on the right? If so then it is time to go off road on the bike trails!

This type of trail can be found throughout Stanley Park and are used and created by adventurous bikers, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Mountain bikers are always making new trails, so try and stay to the main trail and watch for your landmarks. (in this area, the main trail stays to the right)

You will see piles of small logs forming ramps all along this trail.

Before long you should see a forest giant with bench inside on your left.

You will come to a small “clearing” marked by a larger-than-man sized stump. 153degrees south/southeast from the stump will be a path running out of the clearing to the right. The path runs between two stones. Take this path.

Approximately 60 paces from the start of this path you will find a fallen tree cut to allow the path to cross. You want to count the stones in the middle of the path from this point. Count only stones larger than your foot.

At the third stone (approximately 22 paces from the fallen, cut tree) you will see a fallen log in the forest to your right.

(note: if you reach a fork in the bike path with a big tree making the place, you’ve gone too far)

The fallen, mossy log is approximately 10 paces from the path. Make your way to the log.

Do you see a large stump to your left? (Northwest)
(the stump is approximately 11 paces from log)

The backside of the stump is flatter and more ladybug friendly. You will find your little friend in a hollow at the bottom left side of the base under a pile of sticks and tree bark.

As always, please leave our little bug hidden.