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Owl Be Your Friend - Girl Scout Troop 1234 LbNA #65333

Owner:Flower of War Contact
Plant date:May 19, 2013
City:Cameron Park
County:El Dorado
Location: Rasmussen Park
Found by: handy trackers
Last found:Nov 9, 2013
Last edited:May 19, 2013
Meet under the three towering pines and the resting areas made from pebbles.
Walk towards the playground areas and look for the rattling chain.
Continue forward until you come to the bending tree.
At the tree, take 15 steps towards a dirt path.
Add the numbers in our Girl Scout troop together.
If the number is odd - take the path to the right
If the number is even - take the path to the left
Follow the path until you see a large white post
Now turn to face the three majestic oaks and look for a small bridge.
Cross the bridge carefully and follow the new path to the left that gradually slopes upward.
Look for a gathering of rocks and you will discover the place where we have hidden our letterbox :)
Happy Hunting!