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Verdi Nature Trail LbNA #64936

Plant date:Jun 20, 2006
Location: Verdi Library
Planted by:Verdi Nature Trail Contact
Found by: afd13
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 20, 2006
From Reno take the Verdi Exit traveling on highway 40. Turn right onto Bridge Street. Pass Verdi Elementary School and turn into Library parking lot. Start at the beginning of the trail. Pass under the power lines. Look off to your left at the Garson Range. Stop at the rock which is just to the side of the trail on your right. Looking west you will see an old tree laying down. Go to the bottom of the tree and look around.
Please seal up the bag and hide it when done.

Continue around the trail. You will see where the trails almost touch coming around. Follow trail around enjoying nature. Just short of this spot, look north and under a rock.
Please return box into sealed bag and hide.
Thanks Girl Scout troop 687